Life's Belligerent Symphonies Pt. 1

"Life's Belligerent Symphonies" is a multi-part series of small projects, where each project explores various similarities across mankind. The goal is to examine different ways that make us similar

Part One:  "People are the Same, Everywhere"

In this project, I approach strangers in different locations around the world and create a portrait of them against a white backdrop.  By removing the environment, I ask the audience to view the subject as they are rather than where they're located or their socio-economic status. My intent is to create a body of work where, although the audience doesn't know who the subject is, or where they're located, they see a familiar face staring back at them, potentially someone they identify with or someone they feel like they know. 

My belief is that no matter who someone is, where they're from, or what their background is; we all have similar struggles and want similar things out of our lives.