Life's Belligerent Symphonies Pt. 1

Life's Belligerent Symphonies" is a multi-part series of small projects, where each project explores various similarities across mankind. I aim to draw attention to the everyday similarities across mankind to show the universality of human experience by highlighting the commonalities between people, regardless of their background or culture. The goal is to create work that encourages the view to slow down, pay attention, and appreciate the everyday, mundane experiences that are often overlooked.

Part One:  "People are the Same, Everywhere"

In this project, I aim to explore the universal human experience by stripping away the distractions of the environment and focusing on the individual. Using black and white photographs with a white background, I aim to isolate the subject, highlighting their unique features and characteristics, while also emphasizing their common humanity. By removing the context of their surroundings, the viewer is able to see the subject in a new light and connect with them on a deeper level. Through this project, I hope to challenge the viewer to look beyond differences in race, culture, and background, and to see the shared humanity that connects us all.

I believe that no matter who someone is, where they're from, or their background is; we all have similar struggles and want similar things out of our lives.