every streetlight a reminder

"…every streetlight reveals a picture, every streetlight a reminder"


When I travel, the thrill of experiencing something for the first time kickstarts my creativity, it fills my body with ambition, my mind creativity, my heart with warmth, and helps me grow. There's nothing I appreciate more than experiencing something new. On a month-long residency in Wilson, NC, a town I've never been to, I experienced something different; as I pulled into town, I immediately recognized it. Every turn seemed familiar, everyone's house was one I've been in, every store I've shopped in, and every person I met was already a friend. This thrill of experiencing something new was nonexistent, in its place was a different thrill; one of rediscovering my life's journey, both literally and metaphorically, by using Wilson, NC as a surrogate for the various communities that have influenced my life.